Colour Coded Delivery System

A “Store to Door” solution. CCDS is a web platform that helps you manage all of your deliveries by yourself.

Either manually or via our API you can enter or integrate all of the needed delivery data from your invoice/order.

Manually or Automatically set drivers and routes to your deliveries.

Set your Routes delivery order according to two available methods: A-Z or Around and Back! – Being able to calculate routes of up to 100 deliveries together!

Edit your Route’s delivery order with drag and drop.

Receive a written nav guide for the route.

Send your Route to your drivers and allow them to start it!

Drivers have a Web App where they can update/take pictures/collect or drop etc.

Many more abilities to come!

We support several platforms out of the box. If you can’t find your platform in our list, contact us – for integration.